Interior E-Design Services

Our main focus is your Work From Home experience.
I’ll create an out-of-office workspace that serves you in your process.
What we can’t change, we can adapt to.

Have other ideas for projects? We can tackle those too.

Why E-Design?

This way of interior design development and  management allows:

  1. YOU to hire a certified Interior Designer, but without the added costs that come with on site services.
  2. US to work our magic with the amazing tools that make e-design possible, from places that inspire us and make us who we are.

The Process

1. Preparation

First, you’ll receive a questionnaire to get our wants and needs on paper. We’ll also gather measurements, photos of your space, and any additional info we might need.

2. Develop

Next, we create drawings, inspiration boards, and furniture plans that all fit your needs and desired aesthetic.

3. Deliver

Lastly, we’ll pull everything together in a design presentation shopping lists, layouts, and help prepare for installation!

Work From Home Experience

Adapting to a new work process or setting can be difficult (thanks ‘rona). The good news is that we can design for this! 

This is the right design choice for you if:

– Your desk is the dining or basement card table.

– You’re feeling unmotivated or distracted while working from home.

– You feel you’re not as productive throughout a work-from-home day in comparison to the “old normal”.


Minimize is the right package for you if:

– You want to learn to work with the furniture pieces / products that you have right now.

– You want to take a minimalist approach to your home and would like clarity on what you need or don’t need in your space.

– New furniture just isn’t in the budget!


This is an elevated approach, set to give you a space that fits your lifestyle and your own vibe! Consider this one if:

– You are ready for some serious changes in your home

– You need more organization and are open to custom solutions

– You’re ready for new furniture!

Commercial Spaces

Do you have a commercial or public space imagined, but not sure how to design for our new reality?

Get in touch and we’ll talk about how we can create a branded space with flawless function.

Start your journey and book a consultation now!