John C Music Room, Michigan

John C Music Room

Rockford, Michigan, USA
A common dilemma for homebuyers is understanding how to define their spaces. John had this same problem when he bought his new home, so we designed a music media console unique to him, but with flexibility for any future dwellers!

There’s a spot for just about anything musical in the media wall. The illuminated guitar display takes the stage in the room, displaying 3 vintage classic guitars. Storage cabinets and drawers are placed to hold consoles, amplifiers, and adventurous cords.

With the record player and vinyl collection in the open shelving, the first instinct when entering the room is to play some tunes while you cook or chat with visitors. When not in use, guitar cases can be hidden away in the far left cabinet that stretches floor to ceiling. When it comes to adaptability, the center display and corner cabinet has the option to also hold adjustable shelving for more storage space, just in case any future buyers don’t have a collection quite like this one.

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