Frankston Foundry, Melbourne

Frankston Foundry Coworking Space

Melbourne, Australia
Frankston Foundry is a start-up for start-ups. Located just an hour south from Melbourne CBD, the forward-thinking co-working space aims to liven up the suburb by attracting fresh minds and entrepreneurial spirit. Mont was hired to freshen the space and optimize the work environment for its members.

Our refreshed design is informed by the mindsets we humans adopt throughout our day-to-day; focus, social, and collaborative. The co-owners of the company are extremely enthusiastic and welcoming individuals, which in turn is a must-have “vibe” for the place.

To achieve this, we organized the focus areas to be central in the floor plan, with easy access to the collaborative and social spaces. Settings like the entry lounge, hot desks, and touch down meeting booths are placed towards the entrance to set a collaborative tone for the experience. Social areas are at the back of the building to keep the sound away from the focus zone. The footpaths between these zones pass through and cross to encourage a sense of community through interaction between members.

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