Cepaka Villas

Cepaka Villas

Bali, Indonesia
Placed on a land peninsula in the middle of Bali's vast rice fields, the Cepaka Villas are designed around the panoramic views for a one-of-a-kind experience just outside of the city. This series of 1 and 2 bedroom villas ideal for remote-workers, surfers, or anyone looking for a romantic and opulent retreat.

The Cepaka Villas provide environments proportionate to the users: tenants, residents, and visitors.

Our design team delivered 2 major floor plans that could be adapted to different needs. For example, the 2 bedroom plan can be changed into a luxury 1 bedroom unit.

We scaled each space to use no more than needed. Careful design elements were applied, such as the sunken living room which compliments the surrounding terraced landscape and differentiates the purpose of specific areas within the room.  A simple and clean design aesthetic keeps the views outside in frame and focus.

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