Celio + Visionnaire Pop-Up Store, Paris

Celio + Visionnaire Pop-Up Store

Merais, Paris
Mont had the privilege of designing a pop-up store to present the collaboration between French fashion company, Celio, and Visionnaire, the clothing brand of Hip-hop duo Bigflo + Oli. Both brands are playful in nature, and have a simplified style that resonates all throughout Europe.

The store is designed to be visually streamlined, yet also a fun-loving experience in relation to the youthful brands it represents. Vibrant colors and neon lights flood the space with energy, and “playground” elements create the perfect photo opportunities for excited customers.

Retail and recreation zones are placed alternate through the space to spatially set the playful tone for the store. The most vibrant display is at the heart of the store, where the colored ceiling tiles seem to bleed down the wall and into the clothes. The lively wall graphic at the back of the store gives it a heartbeat, drawing visitors through the experience and into the comfort of the peppy floor cushions that pop from the wall.

The Celio / Visionnaire pop-up store was Mont’s first international project to be constructed!

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