Carly Cabin Design

Carly Cabin Design

Somewhere in Colorado or the Pacific Northwest
This design is the first one of a series to make it out of a sketchbook and into a full concept. It’s an exploration of my personal love for cabins nestled in nature, and for space efficiency within living spaces. Carly’s cabin was created as a passion project and exercise in spatial organization, customized design, and my own style in 3D rendering.

Carly has a love for dogs, thick forests, and lots and lots of books. She needed a space that carefully combines all of these elements that she holds close to her, and allows her to enjoy them simultaneously. Visually, the cabin is neutral in colors and materials to reflect the nature she loves, and keep the focus on what’s important.

Upon entering the space, Carly is greeted with a view through the kitchen and out to the treetops that surrounds the cozy home. The entry opens into the cozy living space that’s anchored by a glowing, full-wall bookshelf for her vast collection of moody novels and board games. Just next to the concealed bathroom entrance, a retractable staircase is integrated into one column of shelving to allow human and doggo access to the loft.

The floating sleeping space is kept simple with a low bed and a seamless wardrobe. To complete the loft’s privacy, custom planters are fixed along the top of the bookcase.

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