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About Us

We design from a higher perspective

About Us

We design from a higher perspective

Why Mont?

Our mission is not only to create beautiful spaces with a focus in function, but also act on our responsibility to design with sustainability as a priority.

We also prioritize kindness, sharing stories, creative collaborations, and supporting other artists.

Our environments are thoughtful, purposeful, and sprinkled with international character.

The Story

What does Mont even mean? Put simply, it’s an abstracted version of the French word for hot air balloons: “Montgolfière”.

Mont’s name represents the nomadic nature from which the business was born. Mont has been providing e-design services since 2017, allowing it to travel and gather insight and design stories from around the world.

Our Values


When our environments provide more space than is actually needed, the true purpose and function is often lost. We focus on space efficiency to help provide clarity in everyday life.


We value both learning about and acting upon our responsibility to take care of our home planet. We carefully select vendors and artists whose values align with ours.


Our background experience involves that with industry leaders in office design. We will make sure you have a proper workspace to help you perform at 110%.

Something about Lauren

Lauren is an enthusiastic old soul who passes the time by admiring her surroundings wherever she might be in the world. An indomitable traveler who has survived global pandemics, apocalyptic fires and daily struggle of trying to find a vegan restaurant. A proud addict of exploring new countries, unnoticed urban streets, or tall cliff edges that always challenge her perspective. She’s a wanderer and an eternal optimist who just wants to leave the world a slightly brighter place.

Lauren is constantly striving to find the little things that add a warmth, modernity and elegance to the spaces she works on. She is not merely a professional in the industry of interior design, but rather someone who lives and breathes the finest of details inspired by her experiences.